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Richard Barsotti

Dec. 3rd. 2019


Note: if possible, prior to winterizing thoroughly tune the engine--see attach sheet

1. Put the correct volume of fuel stabilizer in tank

2. Take the bike for short ride to warm the oil

3. Change the oil and filter(s)--some bikes have a additional sump filter.

4. Top off the fuel tank to prevent condensation--shut-off petcock(s); do not drain the carburetors. Fog the cylinders with Kroil or the like & crank the engine several times. Remove the battery. If possible replace spark plugs with desiccant plugs. Amendment: Omit step 1 in this procedure. E 10 gasloine requires that the fuel tank, fuel lines, & carburetors be completely drained; float bowls, &, if possible, main jets temporarily removed to gain access to passages. Clear any residual fuel with compressed air. Replace any compromised gaskets, o-rings, and fuel lines. Possible condensation should be monitored; especially in the Autumn & Spring when the ambient temperature tends to fluctuate. Note: If your bike is in heated storage step 4 is not an option.

5. After bike completely cools, wash and dry

6. Wipe all frame parts with kerosene or light oil; wax painted parts.

7. Remove mufflers and stand on end in safe place; plug the exhaust pipes to prevent entry of rodents.

8. Remove & Top off battery with distilled water; charge regularly with appropriate “smart”
charger such as Battery Tender Plus or Accumate. Periodically, check fluid level.

9. Store on center stand or place wooden block under side stand so bike is upright as possible without possibility of tipping over. All BMWs should be stored on center stand.

10. Cover bike with breathable cloth; visit it weekly.

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