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Richard Barsotti

Oct. 30th. 2015



1. Torque cylinder head
2. Check & Adjust valve clearances
3. Check & Adjust points--replace parts if necessary
4. Check & adjust ignition timing--static and dynamic
5. Compression Test
6. Replace Spark Plugs and Air Cleaner
7. Clean carburetors; Check & adjust floats--replace parts if necessary
8. Static carb. synchronization
9. Dynamic carb, synchronization
10. Road Test

Locating Top Dead Center (TDC)--cylinder head in place

1. Stabilize motorcycle, raise rear wheel & engage top gear. Set up degree disc and pointer

2. With spark plugs removed and rear (or front, as per factory manual) piston set to approximately TDC on the compression stroke, turn the degree disc until the 0 deg. mark is aligned with pointer. Note: a TDC tool
should be use for this approximation.

3. Turn the rear wheel backwards to around 45 deg. BTDC

4. Remove TDC tool & screw piston stop in spark plug hole and arbitrarily set & lock stop.

5. Slowly turn engine forwards until piston is firmly against stop and keeping slight forward pressure on the rear wheel, read & record degree disc.

6. Carefully rotate the engine backwards until the piston touches the piston stop, again with slight rearward pressure on the rear wheel read & record the degree disc.

7. Average the two recorded degree readings.

8. Now turn the degree disc to the above average value without turning the crankshaft , or alternatively, carefully move the pointer to the average value.

9. As a check, carefully rotate the rear wheel forwards until piston firmly touches the stop; the pointer should be aligned with the averaged value.

!0. Example: First forward reading 16 deg.; backward reading 20 deg.; average = 18 deg.
Reset degree disc or pointer to average value. Check: Second forward degree reading should equal 18. Hence, 18 degrees from either stop points is true TDC. If not repeat the procedure until the same amount of degrees are on both sides of TDC.

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